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Late in 1979 the Rotary Club of Neutral Bay determined that it should sponsor and form a Probus club in this area, and a meeting to test the level of interest was held at Cammeray Golf Club on Tuesday 12th February 1980. As well as Rotary members, 10 Probians from other clubs turned up to lend support. It was decided that the Neutral Bay Probus Club should be established.

Our club was the thirteenth formed in New South Wales where there are now 584, and 2,200 nationwide. Our initial membership numbered 28.

The Foundation President was Don Mackie, and in March 1980 Stan Suffren was elected the first full term president. The management was originally in the hands of 6 office bearers, increased to 8 in 1982.

Monthly meetings were held at the Cammeray Golf Club. In 1982, when membership had increased to 41, it was decided to change the venue to the North Sydney Anzac Memorial Club. It remained there until 2002 when it was moved to the North Sydney Leagues Club.

The format of meetings has changed little during the whole period. About half an hour for formal business including reports on past and future activities; half an hour for morning tea and fellowship; one hour for a guest speaker. In 2003 an innovation was introduced into the first segment in the form of “Ten Minute Speaker” where usually a member speaks about a particular subject which reflects his experience or his interest.


• The purpose of this Club shall be to advance intellectual and cultural interests among adult persons who have retired or are semi retired from their former occupations.

• It will hold regular meetings and arrange activities to provide opportunities for fellowship, the development of acquaintance and social interaction.

• It shall strive to be seen as a worthwhile organisation by the local community.

• It shall be non-political and non-sectarian. It shall not endorse any candidate for public office and shall not take corporate action at any meeting with the intention of influencing the policies or decisions of governments; however the merits of any public questions may be a subject of fair and intelligent study or discussion at a club meeting for the information of members.

• It shall not be or be seen to be a fund-raising body. The Club by a majority decision of its members may engage in corporate projects for social benefit provided that any such activity shall not involve the raising of funds and provided that individual participation in any such project shall be entirely voluntary.


• Membership of this Club shall be open to retired and semi retired professional and business people and others who have held positions of responsibility in any worthy vocation and who appreciate and value opportunities for social contact with others in similar circumstances.

• Applicants for membership must be sponsored by two members of the Club and approved for membership by a majority of the Management Committee.

• No member shall be denied membership of the Club by reasons of race, religion or political persuasion.

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