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For each month the first speaker (blue) is the Guest Speaker followed by their topic.   The second speaker (green) gave a Personal Corner
2020 2021 2022 2023
Feb Grant Bellvé
Wine Export - A Changing Picture

Peter Moll
Feb Shauna Chadlowe
Restoring Australia's Biodiversity

David Bruce-Steer
Noel Phelan
The Sinking and Salvaging of the Costa Concordia

Roger Freney
Feb Kathyn Greiner
Ageism- The Next Frontier

Alan Hauserman
Mar No Meeting due to COVID-19 restrictions Mar Peter James
Prospects for Australian Coal in the current Environment

No Personal Corner
Mar Richard Broinowski AO
The Wisdom of Acquiring Nuclear-Powered Submarines... or Not

No Personal Corner
Mar Richard Pead
The Lighter Side of Doing Business in India

No Personal Corner
April No Meeting due to COVID-19 restrictions April David Rosenberg
Pine Gap - The Inside Story of the National Security Agency in Australia
Brian England
April Stephen Loosley AM
A New Reality..or... The Times In Which We Live
Tony Michaels
April Paul Baker
The Banjo - Its Origins - Its Development
Colin Moore
May No Meeting due to COVID-19 restrictions May James Kelly
The Many Facets of Estate Planning
Paddy MacDonald
May Honourable Roger Dive
Crime Prevention through Rehabilitation
Reg Anderson
May Dr Garry Lowder
A Journey through the Elements
Bob Fuss
June No Meeting due to COVID-19 restrictions June Roland Storm
The Songs, the Stories, the Journey

John Metcalf
June Johnny Pace
Putting Humour to Work

Grahame White
June Emeritus Prof. Kim Oates
Errors in Health Care

Peter Fitzgerald
July Kevin Fitzpatrick
Antarctic Festival

James Humphery
Kevin Fitzpatrick
Mawson of the Antarctic

John Bechaus - Sydney Trams
July Mike Munro AM
The Last Bushranger

Sandy Lamb - The Deadliest Ocean Race Ever
July A/Prof Jim Forrest MA PhD
What Happens to Migrants when they arrive in Australia

Peter Dowling
via Zoom
Charlie Aitkin
Investing in Today's Volatile Economic Climate.....

No Personal Corner
via Zoom
Sandra Ryan
Healthy Brain Healthy Life

Max Connery
August Skye Leckie OAM & Hon Michael Yabsley
Life & Times of Skye Leckie

Nick Baines
August Katie Little
Catch a Falling Star - Growing Up with Jeanne Little

Hugh Lander
via Zoom
No Guest Speaker
Robin Frith
via Zoom
Gabriella Kelly-Davies
Writing your Memoir or Life Story
Yiu Lam Kwan - Why is Blood Red
Sept Tom Sweeney
"Let's Put on a Show"
Colin Davidson
Sept Richard Broinowski AO
"Future of Australia's Foreign Policy"
Barry Partridge
via Zoom
Prof. Bill Rawlinson AM
Viruses and Diagnosis in SARS CoV2/COVID19
Robin Frith
via Zoom
Kevin Fitzpatrick
Australian Aviation
John Sildever
Oct Graeme Cocks
StrokeSafe!- Stroke Awareness and Prevention.
Tony Robinson
Oct Sarah Martin
Breaking the Silence of Mental Health
Enda Bannan
via Zoom
Martin Thomas AM
Nuclear Power - Australia's Answer to Climate Change?
Roger Freney
via Zoom
Noel Phelan
The Halvorsen Story
Terry le Roux
Anne Jackson & Pauline Carr
Nursing in South Sudan
Paul Shea
Robin Frith
Computer, Communications and Information Storage Technologies Over the Ages
Stephen Yeomans