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sail group photo Meeting - Speakers

For each month the first speaker (blue) is the Guest Speaker followed by their topic.   The second speaker (green) gave a Personal Corner
2018 2019 2020
Feb Prof. Graham Gill
Russian Political System
Barry Stone
Feb Derek Jones
Africa Today
Robert Gibson
Feb Grant Bellvé
Wine Export - A Changing Picture

Peter Moll
Mar Paul Delpart
Why Art Is Good For You
No Personal Corner
Mar Don Wilson
Winning the War On Waste
No Personal Corner
Apr Bryan Skepper
Sydney Fish Markets
Yiu Lam Kwan
April Jonathon Hunyor
Public Interest Advocacy Centre
Ron Boys
May Jon Tually
Who Discovered America
Martin Grover
May Hon. Susan Ryan AO
Older Australians
Trish Power
June Les Miller
Antarctic 15 months on ice
Peter Stepan
June Nick Gleeson
The many ways of seeing
Sandy Lamb
July Joe Hattley
Search for MH370
Graeme Adam
July Ryan Cormican & Michael Clegg
Investment Markets
James Ritchie
August Ross Scott
Osteoporosis Awareness
Ross McDuie
August Gabriella Vigleone
National Hearing Care
Dr Tony Andrew
Sept Lt Colonel Riccardo Bosi
Afghan Adventures
Robert Wright
Sept Prof. Richard Collins
Global Warming
Barry Friere
Oct Antoinette Hopkins
Story of Celebrant
Norbert Kelvin
Oct John Williams
I was a Bardado's Boy
Barry Greive
Nov Ken Moroney
Greatest Influence in reducing crime
Colin Thomas
Nov Greg Gebhart
Can You Spot a Scam
Ian Ashbrook